RAGCED can offer you and your Rotary or Rotaract Club with help on a wide range of projects involving Community Economic Development:

Help Finding Partner Clubs for CED Projects

Identifying a good partner to do CED projects can be challenging. A good first step is to look for previous projects in our database. You can search by Project Type, Year, Country, and other parameters. Your search will help provide you with ideas for future projects. It may also help you identify Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that have successfully completed Rotary Foundation grants in the Community Economic Development area of focus. You can also email us to ask for assistance. To email us, please click here

Help With a CED Global Grant Needs Assessment

A critical part of every Rotary Foundation Global Grant is a Needs Assessment. Many applicants find they need assistance with preparing this. If you're looking for help with a CED Needs Assessment, please click here

Information on Best Practices for CED projects 

Everyone wants their CED project to be highly effective, but many lack experience and knowledge. RAGCED can help you and your project team on best practices in many different aspects of these projects. For more information, please click here

Help Finding Third Party Organizational Partners 

Many projects become more effective if third party organizations are included, but how do you identify a good third party partner?  For more information, please click here

Help From a RAGCED Cadre 

Cadre's are Rotarians with considerable subject matter expertise in different aspects of projects. Would you like to connect with a Cadre?  If so, please click here

Help With Funding for Your CED Project

You probably have a great project, but you may not have arranged all of your funding.  If you're looking for assistance to find additional funding, please click here

Help Getting Your CED Grant Application Reviewed and Evaluated 

Every grant application needs a thorough review. RAGCED can offer assistance to you in reviewing your CED grants prior to submission. If you'd like to learn more, please click here

Help Learning About Social Business

RAGCED members are interested in establishing and building social businesses.  If you'd like to learn more, please click here.

Information About RAGCED Educational Materials 

RAGCED has an excellent database of educational materials related to CED. If you'd like to learn more, please click here
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